Our Approach

Aurum uses a range of best of breed methodologies to ascertain the value of data sets. Aurum’s Combined Heuristic Algorithm Regression Methodology (CHARM) uses machine learning techniques and extensive empirical data to identify accurate and effective valuations.

Our approach not only considers several features about your specific data set, but also takes into account outside factors such as the industry that you operate in, the competitive landscape and much more. In all, more than 100 features are collected and analysed which are all processed through our proprietary machine learning CHARM algorithm. As an output, we generated the estimated value of your data which is then sanity checked against a range of accounting-based methodologies.

The first step in our consulting process is to talk with management to get an overall picture of the data. We then benchmark and rate your data against our extensive criteria. Importantly, we don’t need a copy of your data to undertake the work, merely verifying that it exists is generally sufficient for our purposes.

What do I get at the end?

At the end of our analysis you will get a customised data valuation report that not only outline the value of your data but will give you some key insights into how we have bench marked your data which could help you grow the value of your data for future reports.