About Us

Aurum Data was founded in 2017 by a team that brings together a unique combination of skill sets and experience in strategy, data science and entrepreneurship, accounting, finance and politics.

Dr. Eugene Dubossarsky

Eugene is a data science industry leader with a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and decades of commercial data science experience, including consulting to a wide range of small and large companies in a range of industries in Australia and overseas including Federal and State Governments. As a leading data analytics advisor and strategist, Eugene provides guidance to a range of Blockchain businesses and is a frequent speaker on the subject.

Eugene brings deep data science capability and a reach into the vast network of the Australian and regional data science community in which he is well known and highly regarded. Eugene has deep experience with data sets in a range of applications, industries and sectors, as well the machine learning expertise to develop Aurum Data’s proprietary tools. Eugene is the Founding Partner of Advantage Data, founder of the Australia–New Zealand Data Analytics Network, with over 10,000 members, and the head of the Data Science Sydney group (5,000+ members), the Sydney Users of R Forum (SURF) (2,000+ members), and Datapreneurs (500+ members). Eugene is fluent in Russian.

Michael Priebe

Michael is a leading public affairs and corporate advisory strategist at the nexus between the public and private sectors. Michael brings a unique blend of experience across both sectors with a strong background in government and financial transactions. He has three degrees, including a postgraduate thesis on the role of the credit rating agencies on global governance from the University of Sydney.

Michael has overseen a number of major data projects involving government agencies and commercial operators and has managed valuation exercises involving a range of tangible and non-tangible assets.

He is the founder and Statecraft, one of Australia’s leading public affairs and corporate advisory firms and is fluent in Japanese.

Damon Rasheed

Damon is a CEO, finance industry leader and entrepreneur. He has a Masters in Economics and extensive experience with data intensive projects with the Federal Government and in the insurance, finance and sports sectors. He has been extensively involved in capital raising, commercialisation, mergers and acquisitions and ICO projects, and in the valuation of assets including data assets. Damon is currently CEO of Rate Detective and Spotter Finance and a Founding Partner of Advantage Data.

Damon brings solid industry experience to Aurum Data, combined with economic rigour and data science capability. He has experience in a range of existing data valuation methodologies, and their adaptation and development of new methods to value real-world data sets in his many ventures.

Theo Voronov

With a background in economics and finance, Theo has applied statistical and machine learning techniques to solve business problems across different domains: banking, fraud detection, digital advertising, product analytics, customer acquisition, financial trading and portfolio optimisation. Theo is a Partner of Advantage Data.

Theo is an expert in all phases of the data science process, from business understanding, data acquisition, modelling through to deployment. He has worked for Atlassian using open source technology including R and Python, cloud platforms and services, through to enterprise-level analytics such as SAS at Westpac Bank.